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1486-1499, Ephesians 4:25-32

Blessings 1486. Matt encouraging me (and himself) to go to bed by 9:00 - and me doing so with a really good attitude (ok, the last part is an exaggeration lie ;P) 1487. Feeling so much better physically and emotionally because of more sleep and less sugar (both, thanks to Matt) 1488. Blake and Cole playing hide and seek - and cracking up every time they find each other 1489. Avonlea's pig tails  1490. A weekend just around the corner 1491. An encouraging "chat" then phone call from a friend I haven't spent much time with lately 1492. A grocery store run/parking lot chat with a "bosom buddy" 1493. Blake 1494. Cole 1495. Avonlea
Blessings in the word (Ephesians 4:25-32) 1496. The following examples of the "Putting off/Putting on"concept  - Put off FALSEHOOD - Put on SPEAKING THE TRUTH   - Put off STEALING - Put on WORK/SHARING  - Put off UNWHOLESOME TALK - Put on BUILDING OTHERS UP  - Put off BITTERNESS, RAGE, ANGER, MALICE - Put on KINDNESS, COMPASSION, …

1470-1485, Ephesians 4:17-20

1470. Matt hiding all the sweets in the house from me - and me not going on a massive sweet hunt (YES, this is a blessing :-P)
1471. Cole "alright, LETS GO" - his enthusiastic reply to just about everything these days
1472. Blake giving Cole potty lessons
1473. Matt swinging by the grocery store just about every afternoon - and with a good attitude
1474. Hope that one of these days I'll get our meal plan and shopping days organized
1475. A God who loves me despite my imperfections
1476. A tough conversation with friends turning out just fine
1477. Friends

Blessings in the word
1478. MUST - leaves no doubts
1479. the LIFE OF GOD
1480. The reminder not to HARDEN my HEART
1481. the WAY OF LIFE I learned when I HEARD ABOUT CHRIST
1483. The concept of PUTTING OFF and PUTTING ON
1484. The hope of BEing made new (and knowing way down deep that even though it doesn't feel like it some days, this has already begun and will be a life long proces…

1454-1469, Ephesians 4:14-16

1454. Not feeling like reading the word, doing it anyway - feeling rejuvenated
1455. 3 construction paper/glitter snowmen on our fridge (made by daddy, blake & cole)
1456. the X song (the boys singing "I get an X" every time they say, please, thank you, or yes mommy - even though half the time they never actually add their Xs)
1457. Matt making me go to bed early despite my arguments against it - and him being right, it definitely feels better in the morning
1458. An incredibly fun and busy week, followed by a week of catch up...enjoying both (well, most of the time)
1459. Cole waking up from his nap and singing "happy day to you" - remembering we were heading to a birthday party
1460. Visiting old friends and being encouraged by new ones
1461. Being late (like getting somewhere halfway through), but still being welcomed and loved
1462. Superbowl parties, or as our church called it a "large screen viewing event"
1463. Avonlea asleep on her d…