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Photogifts - a bit behind...and still not caught up :)

1607 - 1627

1607. A care package straight from GiGi's heart 1608. Avonlea blowing kisses 1609. Petting a camel 1610. Evening strolls in down town belfast 1611. Blake and Cole throwing sticks for a cute dog named Una 1612. Pink clouds 1613. Ice cream cones filled with animal feed 1614. Cole's expression each time he shouted "he eat it mamma, he eat it" (referring to the goat he was feeding) 1615. Chicken on the grill 1616. Avonlea in the sand box 1617. The boys running from their dad (who happened to have a hose in his hand) 1618. Reading lessons with the boys ("The ordinary parents guide to teaching reading") 1619. Close calls in the water - so thankful for God's protection 1620. Kids piled up in a small car 1621. Daily rides to Seth's (our mechanic) - luckily he lives on our street :) 1622. Cole making Avonlea laugh on a regular basis 1623. Blake counting down the days to things he is looking forward to - the latest, "my cousin's house&