Saturday, October 27, 2012


1726. A hardworking husband that still puts his family first
1727. Morning snuggles with my early bird (Cole)
1728. A delightful fun filled, miracle filled, two week visit with Grandma (my mom)
1729. Grandma's desire to move to Maine, and lots of open doors
1730. Learning to trust in God's timing
1731. A two day women's retreat where I was able to spend time with a dear friend, make new friends and reflect on how much God has given me
1732. Matt and Grandma spending time together with the kids while I was gone - train rides, breakfasts at the diner, and enjoying our home
1733. Our newest blessing (due in January) receiving more attention than usual...women at the retreat noticed this big ol' belly of mine a lot more than people do when I have 3 other little ones by my side.
1734. Being served meals
1735. Finally giving in to the idea of floaties, actually finding them at the store (at the end of summer...and the last two pairs), and watching the kids enjoy the water like never before
1736. The boys saying hi to just about every person we meet and/or simply pass by.
1737. Meeting Emma Grace, a sweet friends 2nd little one and 1st daughter, and enjoying her newborn noises and expressions
1738. The new maternity clothes Emma's mommy gave me (one of which I'm wearing at this very moment)
1738. Riding the T in Boston with the boys (and the girl) :)
1739. Watching Grandma enjoy the kids, the sea lions, and the popcorn as we waited in line at the Boston Aquarium
1740. Avonlea's delight as she watched the fish swim back and forth (and Grandma making sure she got plenty of time out of her stroller)
1741. Our 3 kiddos wearing 3D glasses and trying to grab the fish that were swimming towards them (at the Imax)
1742. Cole following in his brothers footsteps - getting really good at puzzles, and starting to stay in the lines when coloring
1743. Giant octopus balloons
1744. Fresh milk delivered weekly - right off an Amish farm (and the friend who worked out all the details)
1745. Enjoying time in the kitchen (only took me 34 years :)
1746. God's comfort in situations that feel out of control
1748. Clinging onto the FACT that He is never out of control
1749. Learning how to trust Him... and when I'm barely doing that, His patience with me
1750. Having a sister
1751. Hope that Avonlea will one day have the same, and this post, that made me feel a little bit less crazy for having that desire
1752. Finding a guilt free (no dates) Once a Day Chronological Bible...and the fact that its on my Kindle - so I don't even have to remember what page I was on
1753. Our new mommy's helper that makes Thursdays extra special
1754. Going to a last minute craft show (for work) and discovering LOTS of FUN for the kids right next door (jump houses, trick-or treating, face painting)
1755. Looking forward to seeing our 3 kiddos (and their little, and big friends) all dressed up for a halloween party this afternoon
1756. The many many many blessings that I haven't written down and the hope that I'll start to blog a bit more I miss less of them