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1726. A hardworking husband that still puts his family first 1727. Morning snuggles with my early bird (Cole) 1728. A delightful fun filled, miracle filled, two week visit with Grandma (my mom) 1729. Grandma's desire to move to Maine, and lots of open doors 1730. Learning to trust in God's timing 1731. A two day women's retreat where I was able to spend time with a dear friend, make new friends and reflect on how much God has given me 1732. Matt and Grandma spending time together with the kids while I was gone - train rides, breakfasts at the diner, and enjoying our home 1733. Our newest blessing (due in January) receiving more attention than usual...women at the retreat noticed this big ol' belly of mine a lot more than people do when I have 3 other little ones by my side. 1734. Being served meals 1735. Finally giving in to the idea of floaties, actually finding them at the store (at the end of summer...and the last two pairs), and watching the kids enjoy the