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He GIVES and takes away (June 29, 2011)

     Christianity claims that having a relationship with Jesus Christ will totally and completely fill the void that each of us longs to fill.  Most try to fill it with money, family, food, relationships, get the point.  I however, was (and am) a Christian and yet for the longest time I still felt like something was missing.  I listened to sermon after sermon and read book after book and they all said the same thing. Read the bible more. Pray more. Go to church.  I did all three.  I forced myself to read the bible as close to daily as possible, I tried to figure out what the heck it meant to "pray continually" and I went to church regularly.  Still, it seemed like others had something I didn't.  Every time I heard the salvation message, I told myself I already believe...I don't need to go forward.  Yet, there was this other part of me that doubted.  Was I really saved?        Recently, things changed.  I am in a new place.  I am experiencing true and f

383 - 396 (June 24, 2011)

383. Cole wearing two different shoes to church (it was a style thing, it had nothing to do with NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND A SINGLE MATCHED PAIR OF SHOES!!!) 384. Avonlea's double chin 385. Slowing down and enjoying our mornings - I was always in a hurry and didn't even know it.  Now, that I'm on the lookout for special moments the mornings are relaxed and fun. 386. Cole's obsession with markers (mostly taking the tops on and off) 387. The book  7 Habits of Highly Effective People . It is changing my habits in an amazing way 389. A sweet friend volunteering (without us asking) to watch our kids so that Matt and I could go on a date 390. Blake (referring to an apple that I had pealed and sliced like chips) - "this apple wooks wike an octogon" 391. The many life changing pieces of advice (mostly related to parenting) that I've gotten from my sweet friend, Jess Baker - she's a pampered chef consultant if anyone needs anything :) 392. On

369 - 382 (June 21, 2011)

369. Over easy eggs 370. Ugly beautiful - my baby belly (wouldn't still have it if it wasn't for Avonlea, my precious daughter!) 371. Matt bringing home Ben & Jerrys  ice cream (hmm perhaps that has something to do with my "baby" belly?) 372. God's mercy & unfailing love ( Psalm 51:1 ) 373. The sweet smell of oranges - and a little boy who notices 374. Ugly beautiful - The boys fighting (it was over who could have the last green bean) 375. Chats with my little sister 376. Matt sitting in our window seat petting Avi's head as she drifted to sleep 378. A dear friends brother surviving a horrible car accident 379. Getting almost everything on my to do list done 380. A yummy new oven fried fish recipe - that the whole family liked 381. Getting packages in the mail 382. Finding photographs on an old cell phone (posted below)

A heart for cleaning & 343 - 368

 A while back a friend told me that she loved cleaning.  She said, "nothing would make me happier than a whole day to myself - just to clean".  I looked at her cross eyed and hoped she couldn't tell that I thought she was totally and completely nuts.  I struggle with just keeping a clear path to my bed.  However, I decided to start praying that God would give me a heart for cleaning...that somehow, I could actually enjoy the process.  This is probably going to be hard to believe, but he answered my prayer!  A few months ago I realized that I actually enjoy the process of cleaning.  Perhaps it is because it is the one area of my life that I can make a visible difference?  Or maybe the homemaking accountability list I joined with friends? Whatever it is, I was shocked when I realized (while tidying up a pile of toys one more time) that I was doing it because I felt like doing it!        If it worked for cleaning, could it work for cooking?  Saying I struggle with cooking i

324 - 342 (June 19, 2011)

324. My orange Clemson hat  325. Marking the boys heights  326. Cute little boys in camo overalls and crooked baseball caps (and the friends who gave us both the overalls and the hat) 327. Trying to keep Cole awake in his carseat (singing, dancing, silly noises, food, tapping the breaks) 328. How much the boys love Avi 329. McDonald's sweet tea (hate to admit this one) 330. Joe & Kendra's maple syrup 331. Comforting Avonlea 332. New conversations with old friends 333. Grocery trips that change into a Shriner's parade 334. The Lord slowly but surely answering my request for a heart that actually enjoys cooking and cleaning 335. Moving furniture 336. Reading friends gratitude lists 337. My kindle (and my sweet sister who gave it to me out of the blue) 338. The boys enjoying playing together 339. Anticipating summer picnics 340. Ugly Beautiful - Pain in my hips (so thankful I survived  falling off a cliff ) 341. Our whole family sitting by

310 - 323 (June 16, 2011)

310. Blake rolled up burrito style in his big yellow blanket 311. Cole laying down, grabbing both of his feet and wiggling them back and forth 312. Cole sticking his tongue way out anytime he tries to say a word that begins with M 313. Slowly perfecting the art of blueberry, buckwheat, mickey mouse pancakes 314. Snuggling in my bean bag with Blake, Cole and Avonlea 315. Breakfast for dinner 316. Ezekiel toast and Kate's butter 317. Blake - "Mama, I don't want Cole interwupt me" 318. A yard full of beautiful perennials that I didn't have to plant 319. Blake and Cole running to and screaming "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" when he pulled in 320. Matt stopping by the store for me on his way home from work 321. Getting the boys summer clothes organized 322. Blake - "is it heaven yet?" "is it heaven yet?" "is it heaven yet?"... I got a little nervous until I realized he was saying "is it 7 yet?" 323. Matt's artw

301 - 310 (June 15, 2011)

301. Peaceful mornings after rough evenings 302. Blake helping Cole make a lego tower 303. Ugly/Beautiful - Cereal between my toes (we have plenty of cereal) 304. A HUGE bald eagle in our back yard (for more than an hour!) 305. The boys wrestling with their daddy 306. Avonlea had a better night 307. 6 kids crowded around our kitchen table coloring 308. Taco Salad 309. Getting to bed on time 310. HE is the same yesterday, today and forever - despite my ups and downs

290 - 300 (June 14, 2011)

290. Ugly/Beautiful - Losing my temper (thankful it happens a lot less often these days) 291. Singing "this is the day that the Lord has made" to Blake and Cole first thing every morning...then, hearing them sing it throughout the day 292. Good sleepers 293. Good news from doctors 294. Morrill General store 295. Encouraging emails 296. I know I mention this often, but it is because I need so much of it - God's GRACE! 297. New ideas 298. Cole holding Vaughn's hand 299. Ugly/Beautiful - Rough nights with Avonlea 300. Finally capturing Avonlea's smile in a picture

279 - 289 (June 13, 2011)

279. Cole pulling out grass, throwing it, then watching it blow away in the wind 280. Ugly/Beautiful - Avonlea crying during the boys nap time (despite my frustration, she is still the daughter I have always wanted - thank You Lord for giving me the desire of my heart) 281. Blake - "watch this mama" "watch this mama" "watch this mama" "watch this mama""watch this mama" oh and did i mention "watch this mama" 282. Random people in restaurants complimenting the boys behavior 283. Blake and Cole standing on little chairs so they can see the worship team through the nursery window 284. Linda Bucklin's post on multiple children 285. The "Love Languages" book and how it has helped me understand myself, matt and even the boys 286. People encouraging me with sweet words about my "gifts lists" 287. Blake singing "up above the wuld so high, like a diamond in the ki" 288. Avonlea's happy nois

262 - 278 (June 12, 2011)

262. Letting go of perfectionism (switching the format of my new posts without changing my old posts) 263. Blake and J.D. interacting with a caterpillar 264. Blake - "Mommy, Avonlea's hair is growing bigger." 265. Remembering that "life is not an emergency" 266. Folding towels (a lot done in a little time) 267. Blake and Cole eating spinach (and liking it!) 268. Blake helping daddy put the "peppawonis" on his pizza 269. Ebay 270. Sandbox lakes, rivers & caves 271. Girls only outings (Avonlea & I) 272. Jake's graduation video 273. Friends doting over Avonlea 274. Cole sliding backwards down the Martin's cement floor (to get out of the barn) 275. Jake and Lauren's big, proud smiles. 276. Blake and Cole exploring the Martin's property 277. Brittany and Morgan playing with Cole (and his huge smiles) 278. The lyrics "Forever God is faithful, forever God is strong, forever God is with us"

247 - 261 (June 10, 2011)

261. Queen Avonlea (how she looks in her Ergo converter) 260. Dave Ramsey (Ugly beautiful) 259. The possibility of mom moving to Maine for 6 months 258. New friends with giving hearts 257. Branching out and cooking new things 256. Frozen strawberry lemonade 255. Books that encourage and help me be a good mom 254. Parks right next to Dr.'s offices 253. Having real conversations with my first born 252. Friends who will take a 2 hour drive with me to help with my boys for a half an hour 251. Lots of time to myself in the wee hours of the morning 250. Blake (referring to me wearing a tank top) "Momma, why are your arms naked?" 249. Eternity and how knowledge of spending it with Him helps us get through rough days 248. Instant access to biblical scholars (Matthew Henry Commentary) 247. Silly boys & beat boxing Daddys

236 - 246 (June 9, 2011)

246. Putting away Cole's favorite "light up" shirt and my favorite (for him) bright orange pants - my boys are growing soooooo fast! ( Ugly-Beautiful Gift - will explain on a later post) 245. Clean drinkable running water, fiber & fish oil - they all help my sensitive belly :) 244. Finally having something to blog about 243. Blake and Cole having a blast with a HUGE red ball & a little bitty scarecrow 242. Little boys with HUGE smiles in our hammock swing 241. Friends that protect us by noticing bad tires (thanks DEAN) and a husband who gets them fixed right away 240. Vehicles passing inspection (well this time it took a few hundred dollars, but oh well) 239. The most amazing and wonderful mechanic - Seth Raven 238. Freezing extra meals & more importantly using them at the end of a busy day 237. Safety during a storm 236. My three men

My first blog & 1 - 235 (June 8, 2011)

I recently read a book that has completely changed my life. I wish I had all the time in the world to explain all the ways it has changed me. However, I have three kids three and under and a home business, Heavenly Bean Bags , - so, for now I'll start with sharing the book's website... . Ann Voskamp, the author, challenged her readers to create a daily list of all the little blessings, gifts, precious moments in time we can think of. I gave it a shot. My life has never been the same. This morning I decided that I would like to share my list daily (or as often as I am able) because I have found that not only does the list bring me incredible joy, it also sums up my life pretty well. There are so many people in my life that I love dearly and yet can't seem to find the time to communicate with as often as I would like. I thought that perhaps sharing my list would give them (which, if you are reading this, probably includes you), a gli