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1589. A change of plans (thought I was staying home with the kids and end up having a family adventure) 1590. Tricycles cruising down the mini mall halls (where the sign shop is) 1591. A very sweet and encouraging note from a sister in Christ 1592. Blake, Cole and Daddy playing their first round of Hungry, Hungry, Hippos 1593. Broccoli slaw - I never knew it existed 1594. Cole's constant affection towards his sister 1595. Blake counting down until his cousin's dance 1596. All three kids sitting through and enjoying the entire dance - for 3 hours :) 1597. Little and big dancers with beautiful smiles 1598. Avonlea dancing right along 1599. An unexpected dinner invitation 1600. Chatting with old friends until wee hours of the night - while their children entertained ours 1601. The sound of Blake's laugh as he jumped on a trampoline 1602. Learning to look forward to Christ's return - on good days and bad 1603. Encouraging words from a father figure 1604. Good

1576 - 1588

1576. Heat lightning 1577. Last minute adventures 1578. An incredibly generous husband 1579. Blake excitedly running up our sidewalk with a bouquet of flowers for his mommy 1580. A wonderful Mother's day spent with my mom, my grandmother, my mother in law and of course Matt and the kids 1580. Stumbling across a restaurant in Boothbay where Moms eat free for Mother's day 1581. Curtain shopping 1582. Spending almost an entire day with just my grandma 1583. Seeing a dear friend who lives an hour and a half away two days in a row (the second day being a total surprise) 1584. Riding the trolly in Bath with 6 tow headed kids (ok, well maybe 5 considering the newest one is totally bald) and two wonderful gals 1585. God's unconditional love and grace 1586. The world's cutest apron - made even cuter because of who bought it for me. 1587. Cole's great grandmother buying him a stuffed owl without even knowing he loves owls 1588. Blake organizing the shoes in our m

1567 - 1575

1567. Tiny braids 1568. Ticklish hands 1569. Drop in visitors 1570. A side of hot fudge 1571. "School time" and how excited Blake gets about it 1572. Accountability in prayer 1573. Christ's sacrifice 1574. Counting down days with my kids (Grandma and GiGi are coming in 5 days) 1575. New mercies every morning


1551. Morning kicks and laughs from a baby girl SO EXCITED to see her mommy :) 1552. The boys playing together more and arguing less 1553. The look on Blake's face when he saw his birthday cake (diggers and dumpers). 1554. A baby doll bed complete with home made sheets, pillow & blanket - made for Avonlea with love by her grammy. 1555. Red polka dot pajamas on a fluffy haired baby girl. 1556. Morning snuggles with my FOUR YEAR OLD! 1557. Fixing my computer with a simple google search 1558. Avonlea saying "more" in sign language 1559. Remembering Cole dancing to Easter morning worship 1560. Playing frisbee with my boys 1561. Avonlea playing in the sandbox 1562. Friends that pray for us 1563 An adorable surgery patient 1564. Looking at my daughter - and her looking directly back 1565. Chubby hands running under cool water (Avonlea's, not mine :) ) 1566. Boys picking flowers for mommy