Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The first gleam of dawn

Proverbs 4:18 "The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day"

Ah, there is something so encouraging to me about this verse!  I am righteous because of what Christ has done for me - and though my light may not be quite as bright as I'd like it to be, it is slowly but surely brightening - and one day will be as bright as the sun on a beautiful summers afternoon!  What a wonderful and amazing promise!

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you don't leave us where we are at.  Thank you that your Holy Spirit continues to work in us and through us - helping us shine a little bit more with each passing moment. May we be encouraged knowing that You are at work in us and that one day we will be a perfect picture of your holiness.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blessings, 1790 - 1805

1790. Getting a great bean bag sale that wouldn't have worked out if we hadn't just changed our plans
1791. My new kitchen island and blinds that my mom brought with her from Florida (though the blinds came with their share of heartache as we tried to install them)
1792. My mom joining us at church
1793. Our family visiting her in her new home for popcorn and a movie
1794. Avonlea standing on her own in the middle of the room - and how proud she is to be able to do so
1795. Working side by side with Matt as we try to improve our website
1796. Running errands with mom and the kids
1797. Enjoying tweaking my blog
1798. Getting lots of laundry done - and the kids playing together nicely while I did so
1799. Making 3 cauliflower pizza crusts ahead of time (even though my house smells like a giant cauliflower)
1800. A quiet evening reflecting on life, choices, and habits with a few dear friends
1801. My mom's new part time job and the incredibly sweet lady she is working with and helping take care of...and the way her attitude shines despite her disabilities
1802. The Holy Spirit softening my heart this morning even though I woke up on the wrong side of the bed
1803. The fact that beautiful flowers often come from stinky manure - and the hope that God will use the "stinky places" of my life to grow beautiful things
1804. Friendship that stands the test of time, trials and tough conversations
1805. A God that never, ever, ever, ever, ever - gives up on me (I know I use this one over and over again...but I would be nothing without this one).

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blessings 1757 - 1789

1757. Woody, Buzz Light Year and Jessie - Lecher versions :)
1758. A kind hearted young boy giving Blake and Cole his Woody & Buzz Light Year toys, when he found out they were dressing up like the Toy Story characters
1759. Jumping in balls and bounce houses with my three precious blessings...and their laughter whenever Matt turned off the air and we went "down, down, down"...and back "up up up"
1760. Praying with friends
1761. Two wide eyed boys watching the winters first snow
1762. Miniature snow men
1763. Celebrating a new friend's birthday and looking forward to the many blessings God is going to pour out on her this year
1764. Heavenly Bean Bags 10th year anniversary...and the ability to display it beautifully at the Artfull Gifts fine art show and Camden's festival of lights craft show.
1765. How Matt makes everything he touches beautiful & artistic
1766. The three day trip across the country that my mom and GiGi made...though it wasn't easy - they made it safe and sound...and just in time for Thanksgiving.
1767. An absolutely gorgeous and delicious Thanksgiving dinner straight from Grammy's heart
1768. Celebrating Thanksgiving with our boys Great grandmother and 2 grandmothers (and grampy, of course)!
1769. Hot pink curtains for Avonlea with love from GiGi
1770. GiGi spending hours playing, cuddling and enjoying Avonlea
1771. Boys chasing mini remote control cars
1772. Paper airplanes
1773. An adorable cabin 3 miles from our house & GRANDMA who LIVES there!
1774. Getting my mom settled
1775. Protection in a dangerous situation
1776. My friend and neighbor, Dee Dodge,  who dropped everything to come help me fix a big mess I made just minutes before my mom's winter warming shower.
1777. Showering mom with warm gifts and love from my incredible friends
1778. My mom modeling her high heel boots
1779. My sister joining our celebration via skype
1780. Tracy's diner with GiGi, Grandma, and our little (getting bigger) family
1781. Cole turning 3! Firetruck birthday cakes, play dough gifts from Grammy and him telling everyone he runs across about his little party (even though it was just our family, grammy & grampy)
1782. The boys jumping off of just about everything saying "to infinity and beyond!"
1783. Watching "little house on the prairie" in our little house on Pine Lane.
1784. Enjoying  "A Walk Through Bethlehem" with friends that we didn't know were coming & Grandma, GiGi, Grammy & Grampy
1785. The boys enthusiastically noticing every house we pass that is decorated with Christmas lights
1786. The tree Matt spent sooooo much time COVERING with lights - that we get to enjoy every year
1788. Receiving a hand painted  nativity scene (by my grandmother) and the way it fits so beautifully in our window seat.
1789. A God who continuously pours out blessings upon our family, even when I barely take the time to thank Him...and the life He has given me in which I can continue to learn how to thank Him and grow in Him.