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1628. A friend painting my toe nails 1629. Avonlea giggling, jumping and swinging in her Johnny Jump Up. 1630. God's patience with me. 1631. Intercessors 1632. Blake asking if we could pray for Avonlea at dinner (after he brought up the bible story where Jesus heals a mans eyes) 1633. Sharing our favorites/least favorites at dinner 1634. Friends coming over for dinner and entertaining & enjoying our kiddos for more than an hour 1635. Skyping with GiGi & Gdad 1636. Running out of clothes for Avonlea, & getting beautiful dresses and pjs from GiGi 1637. Blake - after getting a new plate from GiGi "I am so, so, so, so happy - I think I'll go out and buy GiGi a big ol' present." 1638. God's sovereignty through difficult times - both in my life and in the lives of those I care about 1639. Answered prayer - in the form of a table and chairs 1640. Unexpected time to myself 1641. Psalm 127:3 1642. Playing "vowel games" with the boys