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1706. Spontaneous evenings with dear friends 1707. Mini vacations/shopping trips 1708. Lots of beautiful fabrics from Auburn's  fabric warehouse  and of course, Marden's 1709. Blake and Cole helping carry fabric rolls that were bigger than they are 1710. Blake, Cole and Avonlea's delight in the water (at the hotel pool) 1711. New razors :) 1712. Boys on wood piles 1713. Boys (including daddys) throwing & stacking wood 1714. Cole's enthusiasm in the music/spoon banging tent at the Common ground fair 1715. The joy children bring to all ages 1716. Hay piles and big jumps 1717. Cole holding my hand the first 10 times he jumped - and then being ready to jump on his own (thankful that in most areas he still needs my hand) 1718. Avonlea maturing a months worth in 3 days time (pulling up, climbing stairs - wanting to walk etc..) 1719. Cole showing Avonlea the right way to eat watermelon (she was trying to eat it rind first) and then saying "Yeah, Avi"

1688 - 1705

1688. Blake consistently asking for Avonlea to be by his side 1689. Kiddo compliments from strangers 1690. Housework compliments from my hubby 1691. A lunch date in Camden with 3 of my favorite people - Blake, Cole & Avi 1692. Avi's continued progress...especially her new crawl/walk (crawling with legs in walking position) 1693. Beautiful weather - and kids that notice 1694. Cole seeing Jesus everywhere (even if its actually a civil war monument) 1695. Special outings made possible by GiGi 1696. The boys impromptu dance/song when they got their special outing money 1697. A new, much less expensive payroll company 1698. Blake & Cole asking to feel the baby kick (even though they can't really feel him yet) 1699. Governor's restaurant - specifically their mozzarella cheese sticks 1700. Friends that I miss - and the hope of reconnecting soon 1701. How well Cole is communicating 1702. Weekend plans 1703. A 2 day/3 night women's retreat at the end of Se



1667. Quiet mornings before kids wake up 1667. Reading the word and other inspiring books on my kindle 1668. A fun last minute road trip with a friend (in which I got a new charger for my kindle) 1669. REALLY good news from a friend's doctor concerning her HEALTHY baby girl 1670. God working miraculously in another friends job - after she asked me to pray about it ("The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective" James 5:16" KIDDING - I'm not exactly righteous...well, ok, ok - I am through his blood :) 1671. I am righteous through His blood 1672. I am learning how to make i mperfect progress in many areas of my life 1673. Baking (yes, I baked) yummy sugar/flour free cookies 1674. Blake and Cole throwing a ball with Avonlea - and her sheer delight 1675. Realizing (and recording) how much Blake and Cole have grown in 6 months 1676. How much joy stickers bring to Blake and Cole (and to mommy who uses them to encourage them to do their chores)