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Out of control

     I finally got my hands on the book Unglued that I mentioned in my previous post.  I haven't even finished the second chapter and I'm already feeling inspired enough to write again.  Sweet.  Inspiration feels so good these days, and having the energy to follow through with the inspiration - even better!  Anyway, back to Lysa TerKeurst (the author of Unglued).  So she had another one liner that really stuck out to me... "I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control."  She proceeded to tell of a time when her computer broke down mid project and she totally lost it (or should I say became unglued).  She ended up having to get a new computer, but luckily the tech-support guy was able to make a copy of her hard drive - so she still had access to pertinent files.  A few months later, her new laptop was stolen.  She held it together a little better this time, even though she thought she'd truly lost everything.  Eventually she remembered that she had backed up her entire hard drive because of what happened with her last computer...and she wouldn't have done so if it wouldn't have broken down.  She would have truly lost everything. It was another one of those blessings in disguise types of situations.  Though at the time it felt like nothing good could possibly come from it, something did.  Using that example, and others, she encouraged the readers by reminding us that if we trust that God is at work even when we can't see it or feel it, it is much easier to "face things that are out of...control and not act out of control."
     I'm sure I could think of a million personal examples of ways that God has been working and/or blessing when it feeels like the opposite - but I guess I'll go with the most recent one.  This afternoon the kids and I picked up lunch, picked up daddy and headed down by the water to eat (we actually stay in the car and enjoy the view).  Well Avonlea, who is the happiest baby in the entire world, wasn't acting herself.  She fussed on and off and most of the time, so we cut the trip short.  We headed back to the sign shop/bean bag shop (our sole source of income).  The moment we pulled up, a big white truck pulled up next to us.  Some enthusiastic customers jumped out and headed straight for the store.  We weren't even fully parked yet, so they didn't know we were there.  They saw the sign that said "be back soon" and looked incredibly disappointed.  Well, of course we quickly greeted them (once the vehicle came to a complete stop) and let them know we were back.  They were thrilled and proceeded to buy one of our biggest bean bags.  
     I really look forward to our Friday lunch dates, so it would have been easy to get really frustrated at it being cut short, but I dealt with it better than usual - and surprise, surprise God was indeed pouring out blessing behind the scenes.  I'm hoping that it is going to get easier and easier to "face things that are out of my control and not act out of control" as I learn to fully trust God is truly active in EVERY situation.


  1. I love this. :)

    Everything about it.
    So -- I really do want to design you a header. And give you a fresh look that will work for the whole year on your blog...
    So send me some pictures. :)

    Or just think about themes, or a direction . . .
    Now that you are all inspired again.


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