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Blessings 1757 - 1789

1757. Woody, Buzz Light Year and Jessie - Lecher versions :)
1758. A kind hearted young boy giving Blake and Cole his Woody & Buzz Light Year toys, when he found out they were dressing up like the Toy Story characters
1759. Jumping in balls and bounce houses with my three precious blessings...and their laughter whenever Matt turned off the air and we went "down, down, down"...and back "up up up"
1760. Praying with friends
1761. Two wide eyed boys watching the winters first snow
1762. Miniature snow men
1763. Celebrating a new friend's birthday and looking forward to the many blessings God is going to pour out on her this year
1764. Heavenly Bean Bags 10th year anniversary...and the ability to display it beautifully at the Artfull Gifts fine art show and Camden's festival of lights craft show.
1765. How Matt makes everything he touches beautiful & artistic
1766. The three day trip across the country that my mom and GiGi made...though it wasn't easy - they made it safe and sound...and just in time for Thanksgiving.
1767. An absolutely gorgeous and delicious Thanksgiving dinner straight from Grammy's heart
1768. Celebrating Thanksgiving with our boys Great grandmother and 2 grandmothers (and grampy, of course)!
1769. Hot pink curtains for Avonlea with love from GiGi
1770. GiGi spending hours playing, cuddling and enjoying Avonlea
1771. Boys chasing mini remote control cars
1772. Paper airplanes
1773. An adorable cabin 3 miles from our house & GRANDMA who LIVES there!
1774. Getting my mom settled
1775. Protection in a dangerous situation
1776. My friend and neighbor, Dee Dodge,  who dropped everything to come help me fix a big mess I made just minutes before my mom's winter warming shower.
1777. Showering mom with warm gifts and love from my incredible friends
1778. My mom modeling her high heel boots
1779. My sister joining our celebration via skype
1780. Tracy's diner with GiGi, Grandma, and our little (getting bigger) family
1781. Cole turning 3! Firetruck birthday cakes, play dough gifts from Grammy and him telling everyone he runs across about his little party (even though it was just our family, grammy & grampy)
1782. The boys jumping off of just about everything saying "to infinity and beyond!"
1783. Watching "little house on the prairie" in our little house on Pine Lane.
1784. Enjoying  "A Walk Through Bethlehem" with friends that we didn't know were coming & Grandma, GiGi, Grammy & Grampy
1785. The boys enthusiastically noticing every house we pass that is decorated with Christmas lights
1786. The tree Matt spent sooooo much time COVERING with lights - that we get to enjoy every year
1788. Receiving a hand painted  nativity scene (by my grandmother) and the way it fits so beautifully in our window seat.
1789. A God who continuously pours out blessings upon our family, even when I barely take the time to thank Him...and the life He has given me in which I can continue to learn how to thank Him and grow in Him.


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We didn't make it to church this Sunday. Its a family tradition. The Maine Wienerfest - we landed there accidentally 5 or 6 years ago and fell in love with the hundreds of dachshunds competing. The costume contest has always been our favorite, I mean who can resist a puppy princess - definitely not Avonlea (our six year old daughter).  But this year, the race got my vote, hands down. Those precious doxens racing to the finish line. Their owners, treats in hand, calling out  to their beloved pets, hoping they will run straight to them.  The ginormous grins, giggles and cheering - all brought on by the pups' confusion as to which way to go. No one was looking at the disoriented dogs with even a hint of frustration. Not a single person had a scowl.  Everyone delighted in their efforts. And when one of the adorable runners finally figured out which way to go and ran as fast as his little feet could carry him, we all jumped to our feet and cheered. "Way to go!" "That…

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And wisdom to know the difference.
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Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
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Trusting that He will make all things right
If I surrender to His Will;
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
And supremely happy with Him
Forever and ever in the next"


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