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806 - 828

Sometimes I let things build up and say things that are discouraging to my husband, I'm afraid this morning was one of those mornings. This morning I'd like to focus my gifts list on him because I want him (and all of you) to know how blessed I am with who God has given me as my spouse...

My husband is an incredible blessing to me in so many ways...

806. He is creative, talented and a hard worker
807. He shows me his love in wonderful ways around our house....he's made me a:
          - pantry above my stairs
          - a rack to hang my dishes
          - book shelves
          - a laundry room that is set up in a "weird" way, because he knew it would be easier on me
          - an incredible wood floor & carpeted stairs (he learned how to lay a wood floor and carpet just by talking to an employee at Lowes
          - a ceiling fan (well, he installed it)
          - a room upstairs (even though he would have preferred staying downstairs)
          - an incredible baby nursery
          - a blue & white themed mudroom
          - so many other things that i don't have the time to mention this morning
808. He makes me laugh
809. He loves our children, & he trains them and encourages them
810. His artwork is incredible (Matthew Lecher Gallery), yet he's given a lot of it up so that he can provide for our family and spend time with us
811. He is faithful
812. He has strong convictions
813. He loves the word of God
814. He blesses me with "me time" (jockey parties, ladies nights etc...) a few evenings a week
815. Not only did he watch Anne of Green Gables with me, but he thought it was so beautiful that he came up with our daughters name - Avonlea
816. He is honest
817. He is real
818. He is a teacher - not in job, but in heart and in spirit
819. He never gives up on me
820. He loves me
821. He often drops everything in order to follow my last minute ideas and visions - most recently, the Morrill Harvest Festival
822. He helped me start Heavenly Bean Bags and has encouraged me in my Jockey Person to Person adventure
823. He eats vegetables even though he doesn't like them :)
824. He was and is open to having more children even though he knows it means life will be more challenging for both of us (no, i'm not expecting)
825. He wakes up at 5:00 in the morning, spends time in the word and heads straight to work - so he can be home by dinner
826. He encourages me to write
827. I could keep writing this list for a long long long time and still have more to say...
828. He is my husband, and though he's not perfect (cuz it is impossible on this side of heaven) I am so proud of him and so thankful for him!



  1. This is truly awesome...
    So beautiful!!
    I love you, Val!!!


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