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Wow. This is good stuff. This is what God uses. Yes, I will be the first to admit that I have a major pride problem as well. I started calling it my "she Tiger" when I first started noticing it growling in the corner at me and rising up when things did not go my way.  Scared the living daylights out of me when I realized how bad a problem I actually had. But this is where Jesus steps in and says "Ah, perfect! Now I can use YOU! You are awake and ready.  Jesus is an awesome Tiger trainer! He is the only one that can put that Tiger to sleep. One thing I have noticed was for a season was a long season like two years or so that I thought the Tiger was dead and stuff was happening in the work God had me in. He moved me on and I started realizing I was getting too used to the freedom and the blessings and victory in prayer! Uh-Oh I wandered out to the edge a bit I started hearing something I forgot about and soon enough that tiger was back!! Ack! God, it's not gone!! Why is it back?? And He said " Did you wander?" Gulp, "Yes, Lord." "That is there to keep you close to ME! Stay close to me child. Don't mess around."  "Yes, Lord."
  It is important to remember that noticing the pride in yourself is not sin. It becomes sin when you ignore the Holy spirits prompting and act on your prideful thoughts. That is sin. Don't beat yourself up if you notice the pride. Don't get stuck in that pity party thing...............that would be the enemy doing that. 
  I have learned that when someone says to me, "I don't have a pride problem". I step back and think "You need to cook a little longer in that simmering pot!" We all have it and the more aware of it the more humble we can be and the more useable!!! Amen. God has blessed you with a great treasure sister. Humility scares the living daylights out of the enemy! HE HATES it with a passion.

Later response/post
From Tanja: I had to tell you this what the Lord whispered to me this morning: "Remember, I can use the Elephants and Tigers against the enemy.....................I have the power to turn them around in the opposite direction. What would an elephant look like stomping through the enemy's camp? What would a tiger's teeth and claws do against the lie? What would the trumpeting of the elephant do to the army of the enemy when it is trumpeting the truth? How well do you think the elephant could crush the serpent on the ground?  How much fear do you think the growl of the tiger would create coming against the lie. These are all strengths that can used by Me when surrendered."

Response to Sin's List
You know, I have really struggled with that word as well. Blameless..............I know I'm not and God even tells me I'm not...I'm a sinner saved by grace. So what does it really mean to live a blameless life? I chew on this ALOT! Beth Moore has addressed this plenty of times in her many bible studies and books. Living blamelessly is living a life not RULED by the sins we are so prone to. Having them under our feet and not holding us in captivity. When pride/judgmental attitude, hate or whatever raises it's ugly head and the Holy Spirit is by my side saying " Ok, Tanja , call it what it is." And I recognize this as flesh etc. I have been given God's supernatural will power and can exercise it by saying "No, I WILL not respond to that. It is not truth and Jesus I hand it to you. I will exercise my will and I WILL humble myself and not use words/thoughts to judge and I will surrender myself to allow YOU TO LOVE them though me. Love them with your AGAPE love that I do not have in my natural person. You live in me. Love though me Jesus. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me." This is living blamlessly. I haven't sinned when I recognize what the Holy Sprit has shown me. I have put it under my/Jesus's feet and walked a surrendered life.  A FREE life. A Blameless life. God blesses this and this is how we LIVE BY Faith. It is that constant talking prayer life with God. I have to admit, my life is not always like this. In fact, I hit the deck HARD very frequently.  But I understand what the path is and there is FREEDOM in that. There is so much HOPE in that. HOPE for more victories in the future, more days lived in the promises, more power in my life, more JESUS in my life, more of His LOVE coming though into my life. I SOOOOO desire that. This walk is hard but I have dung my claws (those big TIGER claws amen!) into it and will not let go. This is such an important topic! And yes our walks are with Jesus and yes I do pay too much attention to others. HARD! This is a major issue I have been dealing with the last couple months as well. I'm stuck in a rut and praise God! talking it out helps me. Anyway, these are just my thoughts on this. God, Bless!


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We didn't make it to church this Sunday. Its a family tradition. The Maine Wienerfest - we landed there accidentally 5 or 6 years ago and fell in love with the hundreds of dachshunds competing. The costume contest has always been our favorite, I mean who can resist a puppy princess - definitely not Avonlea (our six year old daughter).  But this year, the race got my vote, hands down. Those precious doxens racing to the finish line. Their owners, treats in hand, calling out  to their beloved pets, hoping they will run straight to them.  The ginormous grins, giggles and cheering - all brought on by the pups' confusion as to which way to go. No one was looking at the disoriented dogs with even a hint of frustration. Not a single person had a scowl.  Everyone delighted in their efforts. And when one of the adorable runners finally figured out which way to go and ran as fast as his little feet could carry him, we all jumped to our feet and cheered. "Way to go!" "That…

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Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
As it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
If I surrender to His Will;
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
And supremely happy with Him
Forever and ever in the next"

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