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Blessings (Ugly/Beautiful) 1834 - 1844

Well, it has been a rough couple of days - so I decided to go for an Ugly Beautiful Blessings list today.  Each of these things seem yucky at the time...but If I dig deep enough I can find some beauty in them.

1834. Ugly - Cole cutting off almost all of Avonlea's hair
Beautiful -
Avonlea is just beautiful in general
She didn't lose an eye, or even get a cut
I got to see a friend I hadn't seen in a while (my hairdresser)
I heard lots of encouraging and funny hair & scissor stories

1835. Ugly - A very sore foot for more than a week
Beautiful -
My mom being here to help
My pain is temporary - I still have two feet and will soon be able to walk, run, skip & jump.
I told Matt I wanted to get out of the house because my foot hurt too bad to work around the house, and we ended up visiting grammy, seeing good friends, and enjoying a meal at moodys (which was ironic since I was feeling pretty moody)

1836. Ugly - Getting overwhelmed with my constantly messy living room & kitchen
Beautiful -
Deciding to move all the toys into the bedroom
Matt building loft bed!!!
My mom helping move an art table & supplies in their room
The great feeling I have when I pick up the living room and/or kitchen now - I know it will stay that way for longer than 5 minutes :)

1837. Ugly - Teal puked all over our couch
Beautiful -
It inspired me to take off all our couch cushions (we have 3 couches) and give them a much needed washing

1838. Ugly - Blake and Cole have been arguing more than usual 
Beautiful -
I came up with a fun proactive game to work on it...they loved it.  And, it seems to be making a difference.

1839. Ugly - My kindle fire broke
Beautiful -
Matt bought me the newer version for a late Christmas/Valentines/Early birthday present...and I LOVE IT!

1840. Ugly - Getting a bit overwhelmed with all our stuff 
Beautiful -
Finally deciding to start de-cluttering

1841. Ugly - My sin 
Beautiful -
God's grace
God's love
God's forgiveness
Imperfect progress

1842. Ugly - My children's sin
Beautiful -
The opportunity to teach them about their need for a Savior
Their interest in learning more about Him
Learning more about my need for a Savior as I grow as a parent & a person

1843. Ugly - How little time I have to blog (which I thoroughly enjoy)
Beautiful  -
The people & things that keep me so busy ...
Matt - Avonlea, Blake, Cole & Teal
Time in the word & prayer (though that is definitely limited too)
A wonderful home
A fun business
Wonderful friends
Cooking (and having the food and supplies to do so)
Cleaning (and everything I own/have been given that needs cleaning)

1844. Ugly - Whatever you are struggling with today
 Beautiful - I don't know, you tell me :)


  1. Ugly - the unpolished look of this post
    Beautiful - the ability to blog, friends that will look past it, God working on my perfectionism :) :):)


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