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1845 - 1888

1845. The fact that there is absolutely, positively NO WAY I can even begin to number the incredibly large amount of blessing He has poured out on me in the past few months...and that the following list is just a teeny, tiny, tip of the iceburg
1846. Friends who encourage me to blog
1847. A dear friend who reminded me how life changing the book One Thousand Gifts was (by asking me about it) and encouraged me to read it again - and the words (well, God working through them) continue to touch my heart and change my days
1848. The verse "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and the fact that he gave me enough strength (and help) to take four kiddos on an airplane to Florida
1849.  Prayers answered doubly (specifically in regards to our trip).
1850. I asked Him for an extra seat on the plane, He gave me two extra seats.
1851. I asked Him for an extra pair of hands, He blessed me with two extra sets of hands (two of the sweetest ladies in the world)
1852. I asked Him that the baby would be content at least most of the plane ride - the baby either slept or ate the WHOLE 3.5 hour plane ride
1853. I asked Him that if He would rather work in me to teach me something or encourage someone by NONE of those other requests being answered that I would be willing and obedient and have a good attitude.
1853. He gave me that opportunity on the way home - we missed our plane.  Though there were a few tired tears involved, I was able to come around and trust Him.  I ended up getting 3 more precious days with my sister.
1854. My sister who I love and cherish more every day
1855. The ability for my children and I to spend time with my dad and stepmother, even though sad circumstances almost made it impossible
1856. Cousins chasing bubbles
1857. Cousins coloring Easter eggs - and finding them
1858. Stolen moments with my sister (ah, gotta love nap time)
1859. A wonderful evening with her at the Outback Steakhouse- sharing delicious food and our hearts
1860. Cousins crammed in tight spaces
1861. Chick Filet
1862. Chick Filet.  Yes, I wrote it twice.  It deserves it :)
1863. Cousins bouncing - on trampolines, on bounce houses, on couches
1864. Cole chasing Kolbie Ann and repeating, "where are you, my friend?", I'm going to get you, my friend" over and over again
1865. Avonlea cooking in Auntie's plastic kitchen
1866. Changing trash bags
1867. Cousins playing in fountains
1868. My sister's photography
1869. Cousins climbing trees
1870. Cousins arguing - all is grace, right? :)
1871. My sister's beautiful home...that felt like a retreat.
1872. Celebrating April birthdays - lots of them
1873. GiGi's party
1874. Late nights reading God's word and other books that encourage my walk with Him
1875. Snuggling with my kiddos before their cousins woke up
1876. My sister - who cooked, changed diapers, rocked babies, took kiddos swimming, took kiddos on walks - gave me time, wonderful, quiet, time
1878. Curls
1879. Talking with Matt on skype
1880. Matt's answered prayers
1881. Cousins making muscles
1882. Matt and my mom, and their projects
1883. Shiny floors
1884. An incredibly creative and space saving desk for Blake and Cole (under their already amazing loft beds)
1885. A new table - sort of.
1886. A new friend.
1887. Losing "bear", all is grace.
1888. My next blessings post - cuz if I keep going on this one it'll be WAY too long :)


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