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1918 - 1948

1918. Friday night guests, breakfast for dinner & conversations about cows

1919. Sun following rain
1920. Bell the Cat, gluten free sandwiches & heart to hearts with my mom
1921. Knowing Avonlea's just around the bend, cuz of the adorable sound her chunky little feet make as they land on our wood floor
1922. Avonlea saying "hi" to anyone & everyone...and meaning "hi" or "bye"

1923. Fruit basket rainbows
1924. Accidentally walking in on Matt and the boys making Mother's day gifts
1925. 3 moms, free Mother's day lunches, & a quick stroll through the Botanical gardens
1926. Cole's dance of excitement as he examined his new helmet (looking right past his new bike)
1927. Ruby red grapefruit & kiddos that love it
1928. The quiet that summer brings (my boys spend more time outside than in)
1929. Medical technology, hip replacements & looking forward to much less pain
1930. Mohawks

1931. Invitations, introductions & visits with new friends
1932. My Nokia Lumina 928 phone, my mom who watched the kiddos while I drove to Augusta to get it & of course my husband who works so hard & lets me indulge myself in the technology world.
1933. The incredible photos & video the 928 takes - and the fact that I always have it on me (since it's a part of my phone)
1934. A sweet mentor who is encouraging me to sing, write, play my guitar and declutter my heart & home
1935. A dear friend driving all the way from Georgetown, introducing me (and a few friends) to Norwex, & most importantly the fact that her cleaning products have are revolutionizing my kitchen (I've actually mopped 2 days in a row!)
1936. Dancemainea & boys who LOVE watching their cousins dance recitals
1937. Sunday drives
1938. The timing of Teal's explosive (up to the neck) diaper - though I'd usually be grossed out, I found myself thankful & prayerful (as a good friend with a struggling baby had recently asked for prayers for her little one's digestion)
1939. Sinus infections - ALL IS GRACE
1940. New pantrys
1941. Messy basements - ALL IS GRACE
1942. Blake - READING!
1943. Cole writing his name on everything - sometimes with the letters in the right order.
1944. Trying to think of a few more Ugly/Beautifuls (ALL IS GRACE) & not being able to
1945. Teal's giggles & babbles
1946. Healing prayers of praise over children in church pews
1947. Front facing cameras

1948.  Seasons of peace


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