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Not my cup of tea

I recently had a conversation with a friend in which the subject of large families came up.  When I mentioned a new arrival (baby) to an already large family, her response was - "that is not my cup of tea."  I already knew that and it was/is ok with me, but for some reason the "not my cup of tea" statement as a reaction to someone else's news bugged me.

I was thinking/praying about it and I found myself visualizing an actual ladies tea party.  Imagine if instead of each lady enjoying their own cup of tea, they spent their time arguing (or perhaps just thinking negative thoughts to themselves) about what everyone else was drinking.

"I can't believe you like decaffeinated, how unfortunate!"
"What, you take yours black?  That's disgusting."
"That caffeine is killing you, you know!"
"Tea isn't even tea if it doesn't have at least 3 tablespoons of sugar."

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to go to that party.

Why is it then when it comes to controversial topics, we are so quick to look at what others are drinking - instead of what we are enjoying?  I am not pointing the finger here, there are times when I am tempted (and give in) to do the same thing.

It is easy to get so stuck on the "issues" that we don't see the primary issue - are each of us coming before the Lord and asking our Savior how He would like US to drink OUR OWN tea?

More and more I feel like the Lord is asking me to hold EVERYTHING in an open palm -to take my every desire/belief before Him and ask Him to reveal truth to me.  I have been asking Him to help me recognize the difference between idols and gifts (sometimes I find myself calling my idols gifts and my gifts idols) - to help me let go of anything and everything that is not of Him, and cling on to anything and everything that is of Him.

I truly think He asks each of us to hold EVERYTHING in an open palm.

So when those controversial subjects come up, you know what I'm talking about...

public school/private school/home school
stay at home/go to work
planned families/quiver full
babywise/attachment parenting
pampers/cloth diapers
the list could go on and on...

Enjoy your cup of tea, hold it out before the Lord regularly (with a truly open mind) and ask Him to reveal if He can make it better.  And when it comes to your friends, love them - enjoy them - and stop worrying about what they are drinking.  I will try to do the same :)


  1. I loved the way you explained this! It's so true! For some reason we think we need to fix others - that's the Holly Spirits job.



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