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420 - 442

420. Blake (after daddy sarcastically said, "yes dear") - "daddy, why did you say 'yes dear', you posed to say 'yes, momma'"
421.Matthew Henry Commentary - "And that which separates us from other comforts, should drive us nearer to God, the fountain of all comfort."
422.Cole's HUGE smile sticking out the bottom of a bucket he put over his head
423.Blake in mommy's shoes
424.Three day weekends
425.Introducing our family to old friends
426.Both boys sucking their thumbs at the same time (yes, I know one day I might regret this - but right now it is really cute)
427.Blake's first fair ride (by himself) - and how he wanted to do it again and again
428.Daddy, Blake and Cole all riding in a giant worm
429.Snow cones and little boys covered in them
430.The song "God. God made. God made the...." and all the creative things Blake thinks of (chickens, flowers, toys, coleys, blakers)
431.Family picnics in our van
432.Crawling up a McDonalds play place to help Cole with Avonlea in tow
433.The expression on Blake and Cole's face as they wait for a parade to begin
434.Three sleeping children in one dirty minivan
435. Free refrigerators (hopefully it will work)
436. How it feels hearing "Mommy, I love you" for the first time
437. Daddy watching the boys while mommy worked on taxes
438. A friend calling and letting me know that I encourage them (which then encourages me)
439. Soft block castles built for remote control trains
440.Working through frustration and hurt with praise
441.Having three children and a desire for more
442.Psalm 62:8 - Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge.


  1. 436. How it feels hearing "Mommy, I love you" for the first time

    ACK!!! How wonderful!!! :)
    We are in the "running towards us with big smiles and arms wide open" stage!


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