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461 - 490

461. Marble roller coasters
462. Ugly/Beautiful - A very bad fall/A not so bad boo boo
463. Other peoples children enjoying our home
464. Snuggling up next to Matt on movie night
465.When the words of God jump off the page and into my heart
466.Actually keeping a plant alive for three years (so far)
467.Silly things I do when I'm distracted (soap on my toothbrush)
468.Avonlea falling asleep happy and waking up happy
469.Chatting about motivational books with a good friend
470.Spending time with Matt at the sign shop
471.New internet orders (a big one!)
472.Cutting fabric samples for a potential customer
473.The ability to help a friend
474.The adorable way that Cole says "momma"
475.Friends who listen to me ramble
476.The days when I use every minute (well, almost every minute) wisely
477.The clock ticking and reminding me of my grannys house
478.Avonlea sleeping on Matt's chest
479.The sound of pouring rain
480.Friends being supportive of me being a visionary
481.Looking forward to my Jockey party
482.Swapping baby clothes with a friend
483.Truly enjoying having 6 kids in our home (while babysitting)
484.The water hose in our sandbox
485.Drowning dinosaurs
486.Blake interacting with his friends (like a big boy)
487.Please and Yes, Momma sticker charts
488.Blake and daddy running to the store (Blake calls it special daddy time)
489.Unplanned time with friends at Arts in the park
490.Ugly/Beautiful - Breaking a glass/I finally vacuumed


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