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Tanja's gifts

August 1
31) Thinking of Autumn, I thank you ahead of time for the beauty stored in the leaves hanging on the trees.
32) Pumpkins
33) Apple pie
34) Cool nights, AHHHH
35) Hot apple cider
36) The fact that God waits for me
37) God shines on us. I feel it even now.
38) Thank you for Charles Spurgeon
40) Model airplanes (Ed just brougt one home to build with Nathan)

July 29, 2011
31) Jumbo straws for big juice!
32) A fish jumping out of the water just as we drove by and we saw it!
33) The many colors of green over the lakes and streams. How many do I see? 3-5-10? Wow.
34) The oldest catholic church in New England. Had lunch in the parking lot today. Looked at the old tomb stones. Ancient believers.
35) Just picked a fresh bunch of flowers from the garden. The smell!
36) The trumpet vine blooming
37) Elizabeth finding monarch catapillars on our milkweed today.
38) Her joy in finding them.
39) Fresh Bread!
40) The clouds today.

July 26, 2011
21) Elizabeth sitting on the floor this morning playing with her chicks. They fell asleep in her lap.
22) Kids singing at VBS. "Jump to the left , jump to the right ,sing to the Lord with all your might.........."
23) I love the sky. I love how the clouds take on so many different shapes. I love it when the clouds do those whispy things that they call mares tails. I see angels in those shapes.....whispy wings and flowing white gowns.
24) The smell of coffee in the morning.
25) The sounds of rain in the night.
26) How pines trees stand in constant worship with their branches outspread to God.
27) Looking up through feathery pine needles as the sun shimmers down through them.
28) White laundry in the breeze and the homey feeling I get watching it.
29) The buzz of bumble bees.
30) Dragonflies dancing over the lawn at dusk.

July 25, 2011
16) Farm Day in Maine
17 Kids catching frogs in a pond
18) Dragon flies landing on my table
19 Lemonade stand with fresh lemons and kids standing in line.
20) A pile of bermese mountain dog pups at farm day and those waggly tails. Kids begging to take them home and parents kindly giving the reasons why they can't be brought home. The joy those pups brought to the kids. And my heart as well. Beautiful! 

July 23, 2011
11) Apple blossoms in the spring.
12) Morning showers on hot summer mornings
13) The chirp of feeding hummingbirds on the beebalm.
14)Hatching chicks! Today is hatch day. A day of many miracles. There is something so exciting about it. To watch the struggle and the relief when they finally get out and are breathing fine.
15) The smell of rain on hot pavement. Love the cool of this new day. Love the clouds, the relief from the heat.

July 22, 2011
1) Large trees with big leaves on a hot day.
2) A cool breeze
3) Ice
4) Sleeping baby chicks
5) Smoothies on a hot day.
6) Fans!
7) A home
8) Children's laughter
9) Blue eyes looking up
10) Growing grapes on my vines on my deck. They kind of hang there almost wanting to drip. 


  1. So far your list is such a wonderful reminder of all that summer offers! Thank you for sharing Tanja :)

  2. Your July 26 list gave me the chills - your words are so artistic! You remind me a lot of Ann V.


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